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First impressions last and that is what we would like our clients to give when they are dressing to impress. We want you to look sharp and immaculate and we can do that to any suit. There is nothing worse than having to buy two different sizes for top and bottom because many stores wont allow you to do this and when they do something always doesn’t fit right. If you find the perfect trouser or skirt then the jacket is too long or doesn’t fit around your bust properly, sound familiar? Then fret not, buy the suit with the jacket slightly too big and we can tailor it down to make it took fabulous, the same applies the other way round if the jacket fits and the trousers are baggy let us shape your clothes to make your rear look amazing. Skinny legs, curvy legs we can adjust to all shapes and sizes so don’t be shy, we’re not, and let us give you the best impression you can.


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